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Directors / Producers

Ana Nogueira is a journalist and first-time filmmaker. She worked as a producer for the national daily radio and TV news program Democracy Now! in the United States for four years and later as a correspondent for the show. She is a founding member of the New York City Independent Media Center, its newspaper The Indypendent, and the global Indymedia network which was a pioneer in citizen-produced journalism.  Nogueira was born in South Africa and lives in the United States.

Eron Davidson is a long-time media activist and film maker.  He has produced several short videos that have helped to galvanize excitement for various community organizing projects in the United States. Davidson was born in Israel, and lives in the United States.


Alice Walker – Novelist, poet and activist. She is best known for her Pulitzer Prize winning book The Color Purple.


Ubuntu Films
Research Journalism Institute
Media Group – Gaza
Big Noise Films
Mental Rev Productions
International Solidarity Movement
Thought Equity
Al Jazeera
Vilon Films
Peter Davis
Mohammed Abuabdou
Fil Kaler
Maurice Jacobsen
Emily Kunstler
Jen Utz
Jillian Kestler-D’Amours


Ana Nogueira
Eron Davidson
Nathaniel Cunningham

Motion Graphics

David Rowley


GodSpeed You Black Emporer
Marcel Khalife
Richard Khuzami
Leni Stern
Amandla Group
ANC Radio Freedom Archives
Joao Balao
Jarryd Lowder
Collin Ruffino


Hanan T
Mansour Mansour
Waseem Nicola
Mahmoud Abu Sharkh
Ali Issa
Yair Tygiel
Nirvene Dwaik


Dan Scott
Gregg Osofsky

Technical Support

Jamie McClelland
Jon Goldberg


Phyllis Travell-Greenhill
Michelle Fawcett
Isabel Neto
Ana Maria Cochat
Irina Ivanova
Emily Fabri
Lars Limburg
Carly Madrone
Giulio Battiston
Lori Sismundi
Chris Posteraro
Koshka Howel

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